What's With the X?

The 'X' that you are seeing all over our website is not really an 'X' at all.  It is actually the Greek Letter chi, which looks like this: ' χ '.  (chi is pronounced like "ki", not "chee").

So.... what's with the 'X'?

Well, the chi stands for the first letter of Christ.  In Greek Christ is spelled " ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ" (Cristos).  Because the early Christians spoke Greek, they used this letter, 'X', to stand for Jesus Christ.  Just like in modern times how we use initials or abbreviations to stand for things today like: KFC, MTV or HP.

Therefore, we are using this letter in the same way that the 1st century Christians did all the way back in the 1st Century.  When you read "Sharing the Power of X" on our website we really want you to see "Sharing the Power of CHRIST".


Our motivation is that we want people to ask "What's with the X?"  That way we can use it as a conversation piece to explain who Christ is and what Christ has done for us.  And by explaining our mission statement, we can share the transformational power of Christ with others.