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We affirm the sanctity of the marriage is expressed in love, mutual support, personal commitment, and shared fidelity between a man and a woman. Marriage is a promise between husband and wife before God.

If you would like to use our church for a wedding please contact us. Pastor Tim is easy to work with and enjoys showing the hospitality of Christ to couple on their special day. Please look at our resource page for more information about weddings and building use.


How do I join?

By Profession of Faith - For new members we require a membership class, offered each year. Please contact the Pastor about upcoming classes.

By Transfer from another Church - Speak with the pastor. You may request that we write for your letter of transfer. It is not necessary for you to write your former church, we will take care of this for you.


Our church family is here for you during your time of need. We believe that when a Christian dies that they are promoted to an eternity spent with God. Therefore we celebrate the legacy and life of our loved ones who have gone on before us.

Pastor Tim is willing to do funerals for both people inside and outside of the church family. It is an honor for him to help all families celebrate, honor and remember loved ones. All services are focused on drawing closer to each other, closer to memories and closer to God. If you would like more information check out our resource page and if you have questions for Pastor Tim contact him.

**Both church families are willing to provide meals for after the service if enough notice is given.


Baptism is more than mere ceremony. Baptism is a life-shaping event. It is at the heart of the Christian journey and ministry. Baptism gives shape to the identity of Christian people and connects them to one another and to lives of service. This act is a promise made with God and the church family. Baptism does not secure you a place with God or in our church, but it does signify a spiritual renewal through a life committed to Jesus Christ.



We celebrate and believe in the wonderful gift of communion. While some may call it the Lord's Supper or Holy Eucharist, it is the same thing. It is an outward action of the invisible love and grace God has given us. The Holy Spirit is present with us throughout the entire act and unites all who believe. We are instructed in the Bible to do it often and so we follow Christ's instructions.


Ever wonder why we give?  Its more than just a command, in fact, its one way we can grow to love God with all our being. Christians have been giving  through  their  churches  for  many  reasons;  for United Methodist, we give because... 

We give because God first gave to us.

We give because we love God.

We give because it is what Christians do.

We give to make ministry and mission happen.

We give because, together, we can do what no one person cado separately.

Additionally you may make a gift to Mainesburg or Roseville through legacy giving by:

A gift of money - Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one to either church.

Your Will - In your will, you can name either of the churches (include the name and location of the church) as a recipient of a portion of your estate.  In your will you can bequeath:

  • A specific dollar amount or designated assets  
  • A percentage of the total estate
  • The residue of estate or a percentage of the residue of the estate after specific bequests
  • A gift of real estate, stock or bonds
  • A life insurance policy.  In the policy you can name either Mainesburg or Roseville as your beneficiary or contingent beneficiary.

United Methodism

We are a main-line protestant church that focuses on making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World. Methodism was started as a movement by the Wesley brothers in the 1700's in England. Since then, we aspire to live out or faith in community and work cooperatively with our sister churches to achieve more together. Our connectional system serves to support, empower, guide, and protect us so that we can focus more on the needs in our communities. We are part of the Williamsport District of the Susquehanna Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.