Kid's eXpress

Sharing the power of Christ to the kids in our neighborhood is our primary goal.  we have it every Wednesday that the Southern Tioga School District is in session from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. It is like Vacation Bible School each week with snacks, games, crafts, group activities and lessons from the Bible. Each month the children are taught how they can demonstrate there faith and engage in either a Sunday worship or a local mission. We welcome children in from kindergarten until 6th grade. This takes place in our Roseville location.

Some activities include Christmas Caroling, Thank You Cards, Christmas Play, Puppets, Harvest Parties, visits from local farmers and leaders, Ventriloquist Performance, Lego's, Coloring,outdoor games, water balloons, large group games and any game that can be played in a gym

If you would like the bus pass and permission slip to allow your kids to be transported on their bus please contact us.


For our high school students, grades 7- 12, we gather every Wednesday from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Students are encouraged to ride the bus from school. We have our own separate space after school were the students can unwind and hang out. We also have a bible lesson and open gym time each week. This also takes place in Roseville and students will need a bus pass and permission slip that can be obtained by contacting us.

Check out our Youth Group Page for more activities that we do each month and during the year.

Men's Group

Every Tuesday at 8am our men gather at Roseville to study God's Word and find new was to share the love of Christ by connecting with our community. Coffee is always provided and sometimes a small snack. The men are encouraged to bring their Bibles so we can figure out how we can grow in God's grace. The group goes on for about 1 hour each time.

The men will often meet the last Tuesday of every month at a restaurant in Mansfield. Each month the men plan an activity like visiting shut-ins, helping widows, cutting wood for the needy, raising money for those in need or fix something around the church.

If you would like more information, please
contact us.

Woman's Group

Every 2nd Thursday of each month, the women gather at 10:30am at Roseville to pray and plan how they can raise money for people in need. The meeting consists of writing cards to these who need it and distributing funds that God has blessed us with. Pray is also a major part as discernment is needed for some tough decisions. The meeting concludes with a dish to pass. Our Woman's group plans and organizes all of the fundraisers from the Strawberry Festival to the Church Dinners. Each year this group raises upwards of $8,000 and gives all of it away by the end of the year.

For more information on this group and their activities, please contact us.

Bible Studies

Everywhere & All the time. We read through the Bible and are always studying different books. the bible study locations and times vary from home to home in Mainesburg. At Roseville, there is almost always a study on Thursday night and there are also various studies throughout the year.

Join us this Fall as we read through the entire new testament. Come to church on Sunday morning, read our newsletter or
contact us to find our more information.

Care Home

Every Sunday at 6pm we have a mini-service for the people at the Mainesburg Care Home. It is comprised of people from Mainesburg, the residents and the staff. There is often a Bible Study on Saturday nights at this location too. Join us as we witness and love those who are often forgotten.